Welcome to Chilton Church Antiques ~ restorers and suppliers of antique church furniture to trade and domestic clients 
Pulpits & Lecterns 
We're a leading specialist in purchasing and removing church fixtures and furniture for re-use. We cover the whole of the U.K. and give a service to all denominations in all areas.  
The sort of things we really like are Victorian or Edwardian in origin, typically made between 1880-1910, but we are not too restrictive, and handle a lot of 20th century furnishings as well.  
The style of church interiors very much mirrors the social climate of the day, so the range of our products goes from heavy ornate wood- and metal -work to functional 1930s. 
We're based in Lancashire, which puts us within a 3-hour drive of most parts of the country. We do all our removals with a small team of specialist dismantlers and re-build for new uses. 
Not all of our fittings come from closed places of worship; many are re-placing original interiors suited to modern forms of worship. 
To come to our workshop it is very important to make an appointment as we spend a lot of time all over the Country sourcing and removing Church furniture. 
We cater for all denominations of churches, antique dealers and domestic customers.  
We have been established for over twenty years and during that time we have supplied furniture to Harrow School, the National Theatre and the Da Vinci Code film makers.  
Our extensive range of products includes: 
Antique church furniture, Pews, Chapel chairs, Pulpits, Lighting, Lecterns, Organ facades, Panelling, Tables 
We are also happy to undertake some restoration work.  
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