Antique Reredos

Pair of linenfold panel pew fronts Stock Code P0032 

Pair of oak frontals from around 1900 which were used in front of the choir stalls. 
Excellent quality oak has been used in the construction of these. The linenfold panels are all identical and very uniform in appearance. Great for a dado panel, counter or bar front. 
Dimensions each 
Length 3850 mm 
Depth 240 mm 
Height 970 mm 
Price £900 the pair 
Antique Reredos

Pair of arts and crafts style pew fronts Stock Code P0031 

Pair of oak frontals from around 1900 depicting sublte arts and crafts features including the very narrow tongue and groove boards and carved quatrefoil on the end. 
Dimensions each 
Length 3430 mm 
Depth 240 mm 
Height 790 mm 
Price £500 the pair 
Antique Reredos

Carved oak pew front Stock Code P0030 

High quality oak pew frontal. Free standing with lovely decorated ends. Five separate tongue and groove panels are topped with a lovely carve frieze of a gothic nature. 
Length 3120 mm 
Depth 250 mm 
Height 860 mm 
Price £400 
Antique Reredos

Pair of pine pew fronts Stock Code P0029 

Great Pair of pew fronts. They can be used free standing as they are or the ends can be removed and thepanels could be incorporated into a wall or bar front or shop counter. 
Dimensions each 
Length 1760 mm 
Depth 190 mm 
height 1000 mm 
Price £400 the pair 
Antique Reredos

Reredos Stock Code P0028 

Fantastic reredos full of carvings and beautful detail. We have begun to strip some of the paint as it's not original to the piece. Photographs of this available on request.  
To Follow 
Price £2400 
Antique Panel
Antique Panels
Antique Panel

Arts and Crafts Frontal Stock Code P0020 

We have 2 pieces of this pierced arts & crafts style panel. 
3400mm Long 
2200mm Long 
Price £350 for both 

Oak Choir Pew Front Stock Code P0016 

Stunning golden oak choir pew front. Could be used as a bar front or room divider. It came from a church in Liverpool and is roughly 1910-1920s. It has four carvings on the ends (one on each end inside and out) with each being slightly different. Two of the carvings depict a ships keel so it possibly has maritime affiliation. The other carvings show vine and oak leaves which is quite typical in churches and, the carvings along the front include long branches all the way along. 
Height 1030 mm 
Length 2060mm 
Depth 365 mm 
Cast Iron Floor Grids
Cast Iron Floor Grids
Cast Iron Floor Grids

Cast Iron Floor Grids Stock Code P0014 

We have 30 of these superb cast iron floor grids. 
Height 610 mm 
Width 380 mm 
Depth 150 mm 
Price £95 each 

Neo Gothic Screen Stock Code P0011 

This Screen was removed from a church in two sections and would make an excellent partition in a shop, restaurant or even to create a corridor in an open plan room. 
Height 2250 mm 
Width 1270 mm & 1780 mm 

Carved Oak Fireplace Stock Code P0010 

Wonderfully ornate carved oak fire surround. Would need a little work maybe the addition of a mantel shelf. 
Height 2430 mm 
Width 1530 mm 
Depth 110 – 180 mm 

Church Organ Stock Code P0009 

Organ facade pictured here in the church it came from. It's roughly 14 foot high and 8 foot wide. More details to follow. 
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