Pulpits & Lecterns 

Chilton Church Antiques purchase and supply original pulpits of various shapes and sizes. The most common being either a 'rostrum' style with a wide front and stairs usually at each side, or the 'wine glass' style , which as its name suggests has the characteristics of a wine glass. 
Pulpits can make a focal point in many building applications. We can also modify some pulpits to create counters or bars and we will always accommodate the needs of the client. We travel the whole of the UK sourcing pulpits and other church furnishings. 
Church Pulpit
Church Pulpit
Church Pulpit

Pulpit Stock Code PL1053 

Oak pulpit with steps dating from around 1910-1920. Originally from a church in the Blackburn area.  
Height 1530 mm 
Depth 1040 mm 
Height of Steps 620 mm 
Price £720 

Oak Kneelers Stock Code PL1033 

We have a pair of these lovely oak Prie Dieu/kneelers. A great looking arts and crafts design with a sloping top. The kneelers can be removed from the bottom if this would suit a purpose. 
Height 760mm 
Depth 360mm 
Width 1090mm 
Price £110 each 
Designed and created by it'seeze